This is a tentative schedule of the motorcycle dragracing events PMFR will attend during the 2017 race season - We hope to see you at the track!

March 10-12                             Valdosta, GA 

March 31-April 2                     Benson, NC

April 7-9                                   Valdosta, GA

May 19-21                                 Darlington, SC

May 27-28                                 London, KY

                    June 2-4                                    Memphis, TN

June 10-11                                St. Louis, MO

July 15-16                                 Benson, NC

July 28-30                                 Budds Creek, MD

August 11-13                            Tulsa, OK

September 8-9                          Benson, NC

September 22-24                      Rockingham, NC

October 20-22                          Richmond, VA

November 17-19                      Valdosta, GA